My philosophy is to use the best tool for the job.   When cutting dovetails you can "make do" which often means using a less-than-ideal tool, or you can get the "right" tool for the job. 

This kit contains all the "right" tools you need for cutting through dovetails. 

Through Dovetail Kit contains the following: 

  • Rob Cosman's Professional Dovetail saw.
  • Fret saw with 12 blades.
  • IBC 1/4" & 1/2" chisels.
  • Rob Cosman's mallet.
  • Cosmanized Rubber Mallet: 16 oz
  • 2 x PEC 4" Spring Dividers.
  • 2 x "Cosmanized"  Marking Gauges.
  • RC/IBC Dovetail Marking Knife w/saw tooth blade.
  • PEC 6" combo square.
  • PEC 2" Solid Square
  • Rob Cosman's Dovetail marker.
  • Rob Cosman's Dovetail trainer.
  • DVD: Hand Cut Dovetails - The Rob Cosman Approach.