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IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch

IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch
  • IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch
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  • IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch
  • IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch
  • IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch
  • IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch
  • IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch
  • IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch
  • IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch
  • IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch
  • IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch
  • IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch

IBC Bench Chisel - 1 inch

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Determined to design a better chisel, IBC and I teamed up and developed what I consider to be the best woodworking bench chisel on the market today.  

  • These chisels meet all five criteria of a great chisel: comfortable, good steel, properly shaped, easy to set up, and the ability to change handles.

  • The quality, craftsmanship, and metallurgy on these "made in Canada" chisels are second to none (see product details tab for specifics).

  •  The steel holds an edge beautifully

  • The back only takes  a little work on a fine grit stone to produce a perfectly mirrored, flat surface.

  • Each chisel is perfectly balanced, fits comfortable in your hand, and feels great.

  • The blade tang extends through a hardened steel ferrule and into a threaded hardened steel core that is inserted through the center of the wood handle and is securely attached to an aluminum striking cap.

  • A quick twist using the provided plastic blade sheath seats the chisel together by compression.

  • When the handle is detached, the blade can be separated from the ferrule to lay perfectly flat on a surface for flattening or sharpening.

  • You can replace the standard maple or walnut handle with your own custom turned wood handle. 

Product Details

  • Size:  Bench Chisel Handle total length: 3.87” Bench Chisel total length: 9.2”. Bench chisel blade length including the tang is 6“.
  • Blade: Made from AISI High Vanadium A2 tool steel fully stress relieved, triple tempered, cryogenically treated and hardened to 60-62 HRC. Back sides have a semi-mirror finish. Beveled sides are ground with a small 90° flat for comfort and safety during use. Cutting edges are ground with a primary bevel @ 30° for the lower sizes up to 3/8” and @ 25° for the larger sizes up to 1”. All cutting edges are ground square to the two side flats, with a 2° higher micro bevel and ship sharp enough from our factory to cut the hair on your arm.
  • Ferrule: Made from a solid round stress and fatigue resistant steel bar hardened to 54-56 HRC with a double temper for added strength. Center bored, reamed, and flat on the top and bottom to slip over the tang and seat flush and firm against the flats on the blades two shoulders at one end and the flat top of the wood at the other. This ferrule design and solid construction protects the blade tang, bolsters the wood and provides the chisel with tremendous strength to withstand the lateral stresses from prying. Hand polished.
  • Handle Hardened Steel Core: Made from a 3.00” long x 3/8” round stress and fatigue resistant steel bar and hardened to 54-56 HRC with a double temper for strength and durability. Its finely tapped ends attach to the threaded blade tang and striking cap precisely and securely to make these chisels extremely rigid. It is also hollowed and milled open in its mid section for balance and weight. At less than 20 grams, it still has more than enough tensile strength to easily seal the chisel together indefinitely or, repeatedly.
  • Handle Striking Cap: Made from a solid round aluminum bar, it has a precision turned domed top and a finely threaded center post that is precisely and securely attached to the hardened steel core. Its wide flat back seats flush and firm against the matching flat on the back of the wood for a wide area of contact. Tightening the handle compresses the back cap against the wood, fixing both firmly in place. Hand polished on domed surface. Weight: 10 grams.
  • Handle Wood: IBC Chisel handles are currently available with Maple or Walnut wood. Each wood is 3 1/2” long, center bored to fit its steel core and cut flat on top and bottom for a wide area of contact with the hardened ferrule the aluminum back cap. Tightening the chisel compresses the wood between them to seal it in place. When the handle is detached, the wood can be separated from the steel core and back cap to customize the handle with your own wood species and / or profile.

    Made in Canada

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David P.
United States

IBC Chisels are premium

Got myself a set for Christmas, polished the backs with the all Shapton system and they are a joy to use. Granted I replaced my cheap Amazon set with these, but the level of accuracy brings a new joy to woodworking,

Wally F.
United States United States

IBC - chisels

When using the chisels it’s been a very good experience. My disappointment though is not with Rob Cosman, rather with IBC due to the poor quality of a chisel handles. If IBC, offered an option for a more refined handle, they would be worth the additional cost. The service provided by Bob Cosman is the best there is, from placing the order, to a call from Rob Cosman himself what a great experience, keep up the good work!

Tony M.
United States United States

Great tools !

Rob’s tools are everything promised and the best tools I’ve ever owned. As Rob promotes, buy the best tools you can afford, follow the techniques he teaches and you will achieve the results.

Bruce L.
United States United States

One inch RBC chisel

This is a super high quality tool. It came sharp and flat, and had been a joy to work with as I build a craftsman rocking chair. Highly recommended. A lifetime tool.

Bryan P.
United States United States

Returned and replaced

I had bought chisels previously. I loved them!! I want to buy a complete set over time. I ordered a 1 inch this time and when I received it the handle did not fit. The cap was recessed on one side and hanging over on the other side. I returned it and it was replaced without an issue. But the replacement isn't up to the perciesion I would expect from Rob Cosman, Or the 2 I bought previously. I still need a 3/8, 5/8 and 3/4. But I don't know what to think. I am just not happy with either of the 1 inch that I received.