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Rob Cosman's Limited Edition Saws - Walnut Crotch

Rob Cosman Walnut Crotch Saw Handle 1
  • Rob Cosman Walnut Crotch Saw Handle 1
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Rob Cosman's Limited Edition Saws - Walnut Crotch

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For the discriminating woodworker who appreciates the beauty and craftsmanship of a saw handle crafted from unique species of select woods, I offer my Limited Edition Saw series.  These saws have the  same design characteristics and specifications as my Professional Saw series but I polish the brass backs to a much higher finish.  

I love figured wood and I am always looking for pieces that will make stunning saw handles.  When I find a perfect piece of wood I create the handle from rough to finished.  Grain orientation is critical for strength, particularly in the narrow neck.  Since figured wood often has numerous flaws I have to carefully layout the handles to get the best yield.  When the handle is completed I post several photographs of it so you can see exactly what it looks like.  If you buy the handle on this page you are purchasing the handle you see in these pictures.  Once this handle is sold - it is gone. 

If you want this handle, just select your desired saw model and I will personally build your Limited Edition saw.  An heirloom worthy to pass on for generations.

This handle is crafted from Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra).  Black Walnut  is native to eastern North America.  It is highly prized for its dark-colored, straight grained, true heartwood. The heartwood can range from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. The sapwood is pale yellow-gray to nearly white.  I specifically used a crotch section (where the tree trunk branches into a "Y") for this handle because of the spectacular flame-like grain.  

What a beauty! Choose this handle and I will create you stunningly beautiful Limited Edition Saw for you. 

Product Details

  • Specifications:  Please refer to Rob's Professional Saw Series product pages for the specifications for Dovetail, Crosscut, and Tenon saws.

  • Handle Size & Determining your Size: Our Limited Edition Saws only come with Regular size handles.  Follow these instructions to determine your proper handle size: While holding your fingers together (not your thumb!) measure the circumference around the widest part of your hand (typically around the knuckles located at the base of your fingers) with a tape measure and note the size. If your hand circumference is 6.5 inches (16 cm) to 9.5 inches (24 cm) you need a Regular size saw handle.  If your hand circumference is greater than 9.5 inches (24 cm) you need a Large size saw handle.