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Cosmanized Plane Adjustment Driver

Cosmanized Plane Adjustment Driver
  • Cosmanized Plane Adjustment Driver
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  • Cosmanized Plane Adjustment Driver
  • Cosmanized Plane Adjustment Driver
  • Cosmanized Plane Adjustment Driver
  • Cosmanized Plane Adjustment Driver
  • Cosmanized Plane Adjustment Driver
  • Cosmanized Plane Adjustment Driver

Cosmanized Plane Adjustment Driver

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If you use hand planes you need a screwdriver designed to fit tightly into the adjustment screw slots.  You could use one of the screwdrivers from your toolbox, but the tip is probably not thick enough to snugly fit into the adjustment screw slots, making it easy to slip out and deform your screw slot.

Our Cosmanized Plane Adjustment Driver fits WoodRiver plane adjustment, tote, and handle screw slots perfectly giving you control, without slipping.   

Our blade tips are custom, precision-ground in a crisply radiused, hollow-ground shape to give maximum strength.  And, the ideal parallel section is ground at the tip to fit the screw slot properly through the full width and depth of the slot.  This is what keeps you from buggering the screw slots - a blade tip that evenly distributes the turning torque applied at the handle to the full width and depth of the screw slot.

The shank is short (you're only 2½" from the workpiece) to give you maximum control, eliminate wobble and tilt.   It is hardened to Rc 58-60 for maximum strength and toughness.  The shank maintains the same diameter as the width of the blade. This allows repeated re-grindings and re-shapings while still maintaining the original blade width.

Finally, we wrap the handle with hockey tape to help ensure a good grip.

  • Overall length: 6.25 inches

  • Handle Length: 3.75 inches

  • Shank Length: 2.5 inches.

  • Handle Diameter:  1.175 inches

  • Blade Width: .360 inches

  • Blade Tip Thickness: .060 inches 

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Colin K.
United States United States
Perfect for a Hinderer knife

This #20 driver fits the pivot screw on a Hinderer knife (XM-18 or XM-24) perfectly and won’t mar. Cosmanized Plane Adjustment Driver Review
Kaine M.

Decided to buy one after I buggered up the brass screw on my plane. This works perfect for plane adjustments. Glad I bought it, the hockey tape is a nice touch and works really well for good grip.

joseph j.
United States United States
Always the best, and above the rest

Simply awesome as usual! The Cosmanized grip on the plane adjustment driver not only aids in comfort, but also adds to confidence in grip and accuracy in use. No worries about slipping the screw head.

A Customer
Michael O.
United States United States
Screwdriver needs tweaking

This screwdriver is verycwe made with a great grip. However, the tip had machining burrs and needed about 15- 20 minutes of careful diamond file work tweaking to reduce the tip thickness a few thou to be able use it on all the plane’s screws that Rob shows it does. May just be a one of, but tip was too thick. Now it works very well. Disappointed I had to do this and Cosman QC did not catch it.

Michael O.
Plane screwdriver

I have seen Rob use this screwdriver online and in person for years, so decided to buy one. It is an industrial strength screwdriver with a great grip. The issue with mine ( May be a one of) is that the tip edges still had grinding burrs on both edges requiring a bit of 220 paper to remove those. Once the edges were cleaned up, and After trying the screwdriver in various screws on my numerous Stanley Bailey and other similar type planes, I found that the screwdriver fit the chip breaker screw fine 100% of the time. As far as the totes’ screws, the frog adjuster screw and the frog hold down screws, it worked on only 50% or fewer of them and would not go into the screw slots. The screwdriver tip measures 0.0660” thick in its smallest dimension with an electronic caliper, checked multiple times. I think the tip needs to be a thousandth or so thinner to work on the majority of the Bailey type planes’ various screws. I have the ability and tools to make the tip thinner, but for this price it should work on the vast majority of the planes’ screws, IMHO. Rob, I am a bit disappointed that the QC did not catch this and I have to modify it to make it work. All the best to all the RC team, still a big fan despite this small issue.