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Rob Cosman's Wood Screws: #8, 1 inch

Rob Cosman's #8, 1 inch wood screws
  • Rob Cosman's #8, 1 inch wood screws
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  • Rob Cosman's Wood Screw Features
  • Rob Cosman's Wood Screw Thread Comparison to a typical wood screw
  • Rob Cosman's Wood Screw self counter-sinking head

Rob Cosman's Wood Screws: #8, 1 inch

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Finding a good wood screw can be a challenge.  I fell in love with these highly engineered screws several years ago and now they are the only screws I use for my projects.  Designed for cabinet making and general woodworking, they are the best screws I have ever used.  Customers kept asking me how they could get some, so I decided to start carrying them.  

Size and Quantity

  • #8
  • 1 inch long
  • 100 screws per bag

Flat Head with Nibs

  • Helps in countersinking
  • Prevents chipping on melamine
2/3rds Thread with a Smooth Shank
  • Prevents laddering
  • Promotes better draw down

Coarse Thread

  • Deep thread holding power
  • 60 degree thread angle offers faster drive time
  • Smaller root diameter offers less resistance, helps prevent splitting
  • Zinc plated with wax coating
  • Virtually eliminates friction, reducing drive torque
  • Wax coating leaves no oily residue

Type 17 (Self-drilling) Point

  • Faster drive times into the hardest woods
  • Prevents splitting near material edge
  • No need to pre-drill your holes


  • #2 duo drive Quadrex head
  • Use #2 Robertson (Square) drive or #2 Phillips drive
  • Square drive will work, but a proper Robertson drive will provide that "stay on the bit" cling

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