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The Purple Heart Project story on local Canadian Broadcast Corporation news.
Published on Sep 17, 2019


Five Ways Woodworking has Positively Impacted US military Veterans
by: James Niehaus,  Stripes Europe,  published: November 08, 2018

Wounded U.S. Veterans Find Distraction in New Brunswick Man's Woodworking Class.
by Connell Smith · CBC News ·


Woodworking is Therapy for Wounded Warriors -  Rob Cosman's Purple Heart Program provides more than just free workshops for veterans
By Retired Colonel Luther Shealy Jul 17, 2017


A New Basic Training- Woodworking Class Provides Therapy for Military Veterans
by Richard Hutton, Niagara This Week - Niagara Falls, published: November 10, 2016.


Cosman Hand Tool Workshops Offers Free Lifetime Membership to Wounded Vets
Woodcraft’s Woodworking Adventures Blog, Posted on Dec 28, 2016

Like a light shone on me’ - Wounded warriors find serenity through hand tool workshop in Niagara Falls
News Apr 20, 2018 by Paul Forsyth Niagara This Week - Niagara Falls


Woodworking Provides a Form of Peace for Veterans
Rob Cosman brings Wounded Warriors workshop to Heartland Forest
News Nov 28, 2017 by Richard Hutton Niagara This Week - Niagara Falls


Veterans Healing Through Woodworking
From Woodcraft’s Woodworking Adventures blog  Aug 12, 2017


‘It’s gotten me a little taste of control back” - Woodworking helps heal wounds for veterans
Community Apr 21, 2017 by Richard Hutton - Niagara This Week - Niagara Falls