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Purple heart Project Scholarship Application

PHP Scholarship Application for 2023 Workshops

Who Can Apply ?: To apply for a PHP Scholarship you must meet to following criteria:

  1. Be a mentally or physically combat Wounded Warrior. 
  2. If not a Canadian resident, you must be able to meet 100% of all the requirements for entry into Canada, the most import of which are:

Instructions:  To apply for a Purple Heart Project scholarship to attend one of Rob Cosman's 2023 Training the Hand Workshops, fill out the form below and click "send".  Within 72 hours of sending you will receive an email on if your application was accepted or not. If you do not receive a status email within 72 hours please contact the PHP application manager at

Selection Timeline:  We will make two selections for PHP scholarships in 2023.  The first selection will take place around 1 February 2023 and will select for scholarship attendance to Rob's Training the Hand Workshops in April, May, June and July 2023. The second selection will take place around 1 July 2023 and will select for scholarship attendance to Rob Cosman's Training the Hand Workshops in September and October.  If selected we will contact you.  Once all selections are over we will notify all applicants of their status.  If you are not selected for a 2023 scholarship you are encouraged to re-apply for a 2024 scholarship once we began accepting 2024 applications.

Questions or Problems.  If you have questions or problems filling out the form, please contact

PHP Scholarship Application