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PHP - Scholarship Application

Purpose: The below form is for physically or mentally Wounded Warriors suffering from the negative effects of combat to apply for a Purple Heart Project Scholarship to one of Rob's Training the Hand Workshops. For more information on Rob Cosman's Purple Heart Project, please click HERE.

Application Timeline:  ATTENTION.  As of 27 December 2020 we are temporarially not accepting anymore applications for the PHP program due to the COVID related restrictions on crossing the US/Canadian border.  Once these restrictions are lifted we will once agian accept applications for our PHP program

Instructions: (This DOES NOT APPLY until we reopen the application process) To apply for Rob Cosmans Purple Heart Project Scholarship to one of his Training the Hand Workshops please fill out the form below and click "send". Within 72 hours of sending you will receive an email on your applications status. If you do not receive a status email within 72 hours please contact the program manager at 



PHP Scholarship Application