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PHP - Scholarship Application

Limited PHP Applications Being Accepted

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are NOT accepting PHP applications at this time.  We are waiting to see what if any COVID-19 restrictions will be in place in 2022.  We hope to start accepting applications in time for our 2022 Training the Hand Workshops which begin in April 2022. 

Who Can Apply: To apply for a PHP Scholarship you must meet to following criteria:

  • Be a mentally or physically combat Wounded Warrior still suffering from the negative effects of combat.
  • If selected for a PHP scholarship be able to attend the workshop in Grand Bay, New Brunswick, Canada. 

Instructions:  To apply for one of Rob Cosman's Purple Heart Project (Once we re-open the application process) fill out the form below and click "send".  Within 72 hours of sending you will receive an email on your applications status if the application was accepted or not. If you do not receive a status email within 72 hours please contact the program manager at

Timeline:  Once we re-open the application process we will update the timeline information.



PHP Scholarship Application