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PHP - Scholarship Application

Limited PHP Applications Being Accepted

ANNOUNCEMENT: From 02 - 23 August 2021 we are accepting applications for PHP scholarships from Canadian mentally or physically Wounded Warriors who reside in Canada to attend our 13-18 September 2021 Training the Hand Workshop. 

Who Can Apply: To apply for a PHP Scholarship to this 13-18 September 2021 workshop you must meet to following criteria:

  • Be a mentally or physically combat Wounded Warrior still surffering the negative effects of combat.
  • Reside in Canada.
  • If selected for a PHP scholarship be able to attend the workshop in Grand Bay, New Brunswick, Canada from 13-18 September 2021.

 Instructions:  To apply for one of Rob Cosman's Purple Heart Project Scholarships to this 13-18 September 2021 workshop please fill out the form below and click "send" by 23 August 2021 . Within 72 hours of sending you will receive an email on your applications status if the application was accepted or not. If you do not receive a status email within 72 hours please contact the program manager at

Timeline:  We will be accepting qualified applications through 23 August 2021.  Our goal is to announce PHP scholarship Selectees no later than 1 September  2021.



PHP Scholarship Application