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Rob Cosman's Purple Heart Project Mission: Introduce physically and mentally Wounded Warriors, suffering the negative effects of combat, to the peace and joy that can be found through the therapy of traditional hand tool woodworking.

How We Accomplish the Purple Heart Project’s Mission

We accomplish our mission in two ways: 1) We provide a free lifetime membership to Rob Cosman’s Online Workshop to any Wounded Warrior suffering from the negative effects of combat, and 2) by annually providing 28 Wounded Warriors with an all-expenses paid Purple Heart Project scholarship to attend one of Rob Cosman’s Training the Hand Workshops.

A. Free lifetime membership to Rob Cosman’s Online Workshop. We produce an online workshop website where I broadcast a half-hour woodworking training episodes. It is a members-only website, but Wounded Warriors get a free lifetime membership, valued at $400 a year. Our goal is to reach Veterans who cannot come in person to our Training the Hand Workshop and thereby introduce them to the joy and peace that can be found through the therapy of woodworking. Wounded Warriors click HERE to sign up for your free lifetime membership.

B. Scholarships to Rob Cosman’s Training the Hand Workshop. We hold four “Training the Hand Workshops” a year; two in Fall and two in Spring. Each workshop is 5 days long and is held in Grand Bay, New Brunswick, Canada. Click HERE to find out more details about our Training the Hand Workshops. There are 14 student positions available per workshop (56 per year). Seven slots in each workshop are reserved for Wounded Warriors participating in Rob's Purple Heart Project (28 per year) and seven slots are reserved for paying students (28 per year). Wounded Warriors selected for a scholarship to the workshop are fully funded for all transportation, lodging, meals, tuition, and receive a premium hand tool starter kit ($2000 value) to take home with them. Wounded Warriors can apply for a Purple Heart Project Scholarship to one of the workshops by filling out an application form HERE. For more detailed information on the workshops click HERE. To listen to what former Purple heart Project scholarship recipients have to say about the workshop click HERE.

Who Are We?

I am a hand tool woodworking instructor, tool designer and maker, and furniture maker. I have been involved in woodworking in some capacity since I was about 5 years old. I was professionally trained by Dale Nish at BYU’s industrial arts program. In the summer of 1987 I was the resident woodworking program assistant at the Aspen Institute and worked with many of the great woodworking craftsman of the day (Alan Peters, Sam Maloof, Tage Frid and others).

After building custom furniture for many years I became a sales representative for a premier hand tool company. It was then that I realized that the folks I was selling hand tools to didn't know how to sharpen, use, or maintain them so I started holding hand tool instruction seminars. Soon the demand for my teaching seminars outpaced my hand tool sales and I launched Rob Cosman Woodworking, Inc. Today RC Woodworking Hand Tools, Inc. is a small family-owned business, located in Grand Bay, New Brunswick, Canada.

We currently have 7 full and part time employees, most of whom are family. We are dedicated to helping folks everywhere find joy and peace through the craftsmanship of woodworking. We do this by designing, manufacturing, and selling our own brand of woodworking hand tools; teaching both hand tool and power tool woodworking through our classes, videos, and our online workshop; and encouraging everyone to seek excellence in their woodworking craftsmanship.