Purple Heart Project Scholarship Application

Purpose: This form is for physically or mentally Wounded Warriors suffering from the negative effects of combat to apply for a Purple Heart Project Scholarship to one of Rob's Training the Hand Workshops.  For more information on Rob Cosman's Purple Heart Project, please click HERE

Instructions:  Copy and paste the below questions into an email.  Answer the questions. Once you have answered the questions please send the email to the Purple Heart Project Coordinator, COL Luther Shealy at


PHP Scholarship Application 

1.  Your First and Last name (Include nickname or what you like to be called if not your first name).

2. Your contact email. 

3. Your contact phone number.

4.  Your complete mailing address, including country.

5. Your approximate "from" and "to" dates (month and year) that you served or are serving in the military.

6.  What was, or is (if active duty), your military Branch of service (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, etc.).

7. What was, or is (if active duty), or your military rank.    

8.  What was, or is (if active duty), your military specialty (e.g. Artilleryman, infantryman, medic, EOD etc.).

9.  If not currently active duty, did you receive an honorable discharge from the military?

10.  What were your combat deployment locations and months / years you were deployed to that location (e.g. Jan 67-Dec 67 Vietnam).

11.  Are you a Purple Heart (USA), Sacrifice Medal (Canada) or equivalent award (other countries) recipient? (This is not a requirement for selection, just for our information).

12.  Do you suffer from any negative physical or mental effects of combat? (e.g. PTSD, TBI, life altering injuries, amputation, etc.).  If so please explain in item 14 below. 

13.  One of our goals is to select Veterans who are unable to afford to attend one of Rob' course. Can you afford to pay for attendance at Rob's Training the Hand Workshop your own (about a $3500 total cost)?   

14.  Please provide us with a detailed explanation of your military service, the source of your combat related physical and/or mental wounds you still suffer from, how those wounds effect you and your family today, and how you got interested in woodworking.  The reason for this level of detail is that we need to understand you and your story so that we can make the best decision on who to select for scholarships.  What you tell us is about all we have to go on for scholarship selections so please be as detailed as possible.  We know that this can be very difficult, but we want to understand YOU. 

15.  U.S. Military Veterans ONLY: please attach a copy of your DD Form 214 (Please cover up or black out the SSN).  We use the DD 214 to validate US veterans status.  Unfortunately some folks who have told us they are veterans have turned out not to be a veteran.