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Rob Cosman's Professional Joinery Crosscut Saw, Ebony Handle (Seconds)

Rob Cosman's Professional Joinery Crosscut saw Seconds
  • Rob Cosman's Professional Joinery Crosscut saw Seconds
  • Rob Cosman's Saw Seconds Example
  • Rob Cosman Saw Second  Example
  • Rob Cosman Saw Second  Example
  • Rob Cosman Saw Second  Example
  • Rob Cosman Saw Second  Example
  • Rob Cosman Saw Second  Example
  • Rob Cosman Saw Second  Example
  • Rob Cosman Saw Second  Example

Rob Cosman's Professional Joinery Crosscut Saw, Ebony Handle (Seconds)

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We make hundreds of Rob Cosman saws and even though we are really good at it, sometimes things happen.  Every now and then we create a cosmetic blemish that does not effect the proper functioning of the saw, but we cannot sell it as one of our high quality saws.

This can be great news to you!  Its a way to purchase a Rob Cosman Professional  saw at a discount.  

We don't have many of these but when we do make a cosmetic mistake we put them up here for sale.   The pictures on this page are representative of the typical flaws that make a saw a second.

If we are out of stock, just keep checking back, maybe there is a blemished saw in your future!!

Please see Rob Cosman's Professional Joinery Crosscut Saw product page for all the details about this type of saw.


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John H.
United States United States
Great saw love it

It cuts like butter. I bought a second but works great. I did purchase a dove saw but didn’t go with a second.

Warren J.
Canada Canada
Joinery Crosscut Saw (Seconds)

Saw is of excellent quality (as expected). It was a "second" but the defect was very minor and certainly would not effect the performance of the saw.

Dave K.
United States United States
Had the Veritas crosscut….

I have the Veritas crosscut, well I have a couple of their saws and Lee Valley is a good company and Veritas produces some excellent tools but man getting those saws to start is a pain. Not joking you have to hold the handle super low and just right to get the saw to bite. I was fed up with it. I decided to give Rob’s saws a shot and have put this one to good use. I try to do more hand tool work than power driven work (quiet ship is bliss) so this gets used almost daily when I have some shop time. EXCELLENT!! No starting troubles at all. Lean that sucker on the bench hook edge and just saw. Most pieces it’s two or three pushes and done. Super sharp, just amazing. I bought one of the “seconds” which could include a ding on the blade or an engraving issue. I think mine has an engraving issue but it’s really hard to tell. I wouldn’t know it was a “seconds” if I didn’t buy it as one. Blade is perfect and the saw is sharp as all get out. Well done Cosman team.

Nick M.
United States United States
Learning the joy of quiet woodworking

About a month ago I purchased one of Rob's Dovetail Saws (seconds). Once it arrived I rushed to open it, hoping to see a saw that I would feel good about spending my hard earned retirement income on. It was beautifully crafted and I've still not been able to find a flaw anywhere. It was probably another week before I had an opportunity to put the saw to wood simply to see how it felt and cut. As it turns out, Rob hasn't over sold and under delivered as is the custom of some retailers. The fit, finish and performance has compelled me to purchase a second seconds, the Joinery Crosscut Saw. I've purchased several other odds and ends from Rob's website and have been pleased with them all. I am a satisfied customer of Rob Cosman's products and likely will be for some time to come. Additionally, thanks Rob for the huge investment you've made developing Youtube content, I can't get enough. I've begun restoring some old hand planes I've acquired over the years but have been stashed away in out of the way drawers. Learning how to correctly sharpen chisels, plane irons and saws will be quite an experience, I think I'm up for the challenge. Generally all I expect is to get a good value for my money from any retailer along with responsive customer service. This I received from Rob, however what I didn't expect was a personal phone call from none other than Rob himself. I didn't recognize the number on the caller ID and don't often answer those calls, but for some reason this time I did. As I think back, I fear I sounded a bit giddy. Rob thanked me for being a valued customer and I told him how much I truly appreciated his work with wounded veterans. I'll end with this, It's a pleasure doing business with those who value my business, you rarely get that kind of personal interest from Amazon. Thanks Rob and the Crew Nick Mastropietro

Matt T.
Canada Canada
Excellent saw

This saw is great. Opted for a “seconds” since I am not as concerned with the cosmetic appearance of my tools as some perhaps are. The quality is excellent, and I really appreciate the extra weight of it. Of the 3 saws, that are made in Canada, that I was considering this was the highest priced option, and you can tell where the extra money goes.