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My First Blog Post !!!!!!

My First Blog Post !!!!!!

My First Blog Post !!!!!!
Well this is our first attempt at writing a Blog.  Our goal is to use this blog to stay in touch with our customers, friends, folks who have attended any of my workshops, and woodworkers everywhere.  I will try and post something interesting each week that will help you out in your woodworking, let you know some cool stuff I am working on in the shop or just some general thoughts that we have.  I you have suggestions for me please let me know.


  • Rob: I attended your Vet’s w/s at Woodcraft in Ventura, CA last week.
    Really enjoyed the “hands-on” (literally). I am a Cold War Vet, and have participated in several fund-raising bike events for vets, but this gave me much closer contact.
    I am so glad I had the opportunity to spend time with them. And, an old(!!) dog learned some new tricks!!.
    Bruce Newman. Tarzana, CA

    Bruce Newman
  • I have been following your posts and videos for some time, and my woodworking skills have greatly improved.At age 69 I thought I was fairly skilled. I live in the U.K., and would like to buy your large dovetail saw. Is there an outlet here that sells them, or will I have to get it imported, And how much would that cost? Thanks in advance for any advice,
    Paul Harries.

    Paul Harries
  • As a Canadian Vet. In the last Year I have tried 4 times to get Free access. I don’t know what happening , could you please help.

    Dan Wendover
  • Do you ever do workshops on the West coast(Canada or US)?


    Fred McNeill
  • Great idea. Looking forward to future posts.

    Brian G Miller

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