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About Us

Rob Cosman Woodworking, Inc. is a small family owned business, located in Grand Bay , Canada, that is dedicated to helping folks everywhere find joy and peace through the craftsmanship of woodworking.

Rob Cosman, our owner and founder, started this company in 19?? while working as the Canadian sales representative for a premier hand tool company. Rob realized that the folks he was selling hand tools to didn't know how to sharpen, use, or maintain them so he started holding hand tool instruction seminars. Soon the demand for Robs teaching seminars outpaced hand tool sales and launched Rob Cosman Woodworking, Inc.

Today we design, manufacture, and sell our own brand of woodworking hand tools; teach both hand tool and power tool woodworking craftsmanship through our classes, videos, and our online workshop; and encourage everyone to seek excellence in their woodworking.

Through Rob's Purple Heart Project we help Canadian and U.S. Wounded Warriors to find joy and peace through the therapy of hand tool woodworking. We are in awe of and feel a responsibility to serve the men and women of our Armed Forces who have risked their lives and given so much to ensure and protect our way of life. Please help us in this endeavor.

When we say a family owned and run business that is exactly what we mean. Our company consist of Rob, a few family members, and a couple of friends. Our shop is small and very hands on and that is the way we like it. We take great pride in making the finest hand tools available - one at a time. Rob personally inspects and tests every tool before his name goes on it. We do everything ourselves from production, to packaging, to shipping. If you call or email us it will be Rob or his son Jake who will answer the phone or respond to your email.

We are dedicated to our mission of service to others. We feel it is our duty to keep the craftsmanship of hand tool woodworking alive and growing. We believe in our products, our service, and in you.

Rob Cosman and Team