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Video: The Wood-Hinge Box

Video: The Wood-Hinge Box
  • Video: The Wood-Hinge Box

Video: The Wood-Hinge Box

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In this video Rob provides you with bench side instruction on how to turn "would be" scraps into beautiful wood hinged boxes. Using a combination of hand and power tools Rob walks you through the building processes using precision and speed. Emphasis is placed on constructing the concealed wood hinge with options shown on completing the most difficult tasks. 

  • Running Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes

  • Available on a DVD or as on demand streaming 

Customer Reviews

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Ron Michaelsen
Wood Hinge Video

Rob’s technique, coupled with his products, makes these boxes wonderful, unique gifts. The video is old, but that doesn’t effect the information taught.

John Popowski
Would have given it 5 stars except

Many of the video are duplicates of each other in the online section. I would suggest a description of what each video contains. Sometimes I want to review a certain video that contains the subject matter I need. The way the site is setup in need to pick, review and if that video does not have the information is not in the video. I must select another to see if that one has what I need to review.

Great Video

Very informative, great detail in the construction of the hidden hinge box. Learned a lot about the method.

Chris Bourque
Unique style of teaching

As opposed to the typical "highlight video", Rob's are meticulously detailed, showing the whole process and any problems along the way get included. The most notable feature, however , is that he approaches the camera like you are there in the shop with him, one on one. No big fake smiles and cutaways, just genuine intense instruction.

Wood hinge box DVD

I enjoyed the content and teaching style in the video and plan to make some boxes with this method.