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Video: The Cosman Workbench

The Cosman Workbench DVD Cover
  • The Cosman Workbench DVD Cover
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  • Sample page from the cut and material list to the Cosman Workbench
  • Sample picture #2 from the plans document that comes with The Cosman Workbench video
  • Sample picture from the plans document that comes with the Cosman Workbench video

Video: The Cosman Workbench

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The Workbench is the most important tool for the hand tool woodworker, but until now a quality workbench was either too expensive to buy or too complicated to build.  Rob solved both of these problems with The Cosman Workbench.  While creating a quality workbench for professionals and beginners alike, he minimized the cost and skill to build his workbench.  Made out of readily available materials,  Rob's workbench has no difficult joinery and can be built in a weekend.  Watch alongside Rob and Luther as they show you, step by step, in real time, mistakes and all, how to build The Cosman Workbench.

 Chapters are:

  1. Workbench components
  2. Cutting the sheet material for the base
  3. Building the base
  4. Cutting and Assembling the MDF top
  5.  Completing the top
  6. Workbench Accessories
  7. Finishing touches

Running Time: 4 hours and 37 minutes

Your Purchase Includes:

  • Video files
  • Materials and cut list in .pdf format
  • 2D plans in .pdf format

Formats Available

  • Physical DVD (includes 2 video and 1 data disks)
  • On demand streaming of the video files, download of the .pdf data files.
3D Plans in Sketch-up Format Available for Additional Purchase.

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