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Wolverine Grinding Jig

Wolverine Grinding Jig
  • Wolverine Grinding Jig
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  • Wolverine Grinding Jig
  • Wolverine Grinding Jig
  • Wolverine Grinding Jig
  • Wolverine Grinding Jig
  • Wolverine Grinding Jig

Wolverine Grinding Jig

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When using a grinder to put the primary bevel on your blades, as I do, you need a jig that allows you to set the grind angle.  Teaching a seminar at a school one day I found these Wolverine jigs and they beat the pants off of all other grinder jigs for sharpening blades.

  • Use to upgrade an inexpensive grinder for grinding a primary bevel on chisels and plane blades. 

  • A simple, Heavy duty, well made jig.

  • Features Wolverine’s system of adjustment that is quick and solid.

  • Thick metal platform acts like a heat sink helping you keep your blade from over-heating.

  • Increases the versatility of your grinder, this is one of the best grinding accessories you can own.  

  • Can be used with 6", 8" or 10" grinders.

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Lee A.
United States United States
Great quality, nice and firm when secured...But..

....either my chisels are too short or the platform is too wide! Even my newer chisels run into the handle. No problem with plane irons, of course. Also wish the platform had more polish so the blades slide more smoothly. Does it sound silly if I add a piece of formica? Open to suggestions.

Matt E.
United States United States
Awesome tool rest!

The Wolverine rest is, IMO, a must for woodworkers that use a bench grinder to establish primary bevels on planes and chisels. The large thick plate acts as a heat sink and locks solid making the process quick and accurate. 100% satisfied and worth every penny! Looking forward to adding a 6” cbn wheel to finish off the system! Wolverine Grinding Jig Review
Paul W.
Netherlands Netherlands
grinding jig wolverine

Just what i needed

Malcolm P.
United States United States
Base plate does not square to the grinding wheel

Solid material and construction...but, when the handle (covered with red plastic) rotates to engage and hold the shaft of the pedestal holding the plate for resting a chisel or plane blade, the base plate is not even close to being square with the grinding wheel. When I release pressure by turning the handle, the shaft/base plate rotate to a natural 90 degree orientation to the grinding wheel - the way you'd want it when grinding a piece, but when the stop is engaged, it cants 10-15 degrees down to the left. I'm going to try switching the jig from the position next to the right wheel to the left wheel on my grinder and reversing where the pressure handle engages the shaft/base plate and hope that solves the problem. If that doesn't work, I'll be looking for a refund. Wolverine Grinding Jig Wolverine Grinding Jig Wolverine Grinding Jig Review
Mark M.
United States United States
Bench grinder wheel and tool rest

Really great setup. Everything seems balanced right out of the box. No vibration or wobbl between 1750 and 3400 rpm. No deflection of the tool rest. I mounted both the grinder and the tool rest to 3/4 inch baltic birch. This can be moved and stored easily. The grinding wheel generates minimal heat. I was able to touch/hold the plane iron the whole time I was working it. The only thing I need is to get good at grinding! Wolverine Grinding Jig Review