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IBC Replacement Blade Set 2-3/8 Inch

IBC Replacement Blade Set 2-3/8 Inch
  • IBC Replacement Blade Set 2-3/8 Inch
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  • IBC Replacement Blade Set 2-3/8 Inch
  • IBC Replacement Blade Set 2-3/8 Inch
  • IBC Replacement Blade Set 2-3/8 Inch

IBC Replacement Blade Set 2-3/8 Inch

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IBC is a Canadian company that manufactures premium replacement blades and chipbreaker sets that fit Lie-Nielsen and WoodRiver hand planes. IBC blades are really nice; I use them and I recommend them.

At .140 inches thick, these are one of the thickest and stiffest replacement blades on the market, significantly reducing vibration and chatter thus leading to improved performance.  The steel in these is just fantastic.  They keep and hold and edge longer than most other replacement blades.

Each blade set comes with chip-breaker, precisely machined to mate to the blade, making the blade and chip-breaker a true matches set.

If used for older Stanley or Record planes then it requires filing open the throat of the plane open for the blade to fit correctly


  • 2-3/8" wide x 7" long blade with matched Chip-breaker. 
  • Sized to fit a No. 7, 6, 5-1/2, 4-1/2  hand planes.
  • Fits Lie Nielsen, Wood River and Qiangsheng hand planes.


  • High vanadium A-2 Steel, hardened to 60-62HRc.

  • Cryogenically treated to optimize wear resistance.

  • 0.140" Thick 

  • Precision ground and polished edges.


  • High carbon O-1 steel, hardened to 30-32HRc.

  • 0.125" thick

  • Precision machined and sharpened mating edge.

  • Precision ground polished edges.

  • Bevels are mated to achieve a flatness tolerance of +/-0.001” along the entire width of the cutting edge.

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Joe C.
Sharp right from the mail

Received the matched IBC 2 3/8" plane blade set recently and it is sharp. It shipped quickly, is packed well, and is an excellent product. It cuts whisper thin shavings without any preparation required. And Rob personally called to thank me, making this purchase feel special. Rob provides great services and contributes a lot to the woodworking community. The only downside was that it clearly demonstrates how inadequate my own sharpening attempts are. And that was why I bought the blade in the first place, to compare my sharpening to a known sharp blade. The differences are obvious, the fix less so. My sharpened edge, viewed through cheaters and a magnifying glass look closer to a saw blade than a knife edge. A rag, when drug along the edge, catches. And when in use, produces strings, rather than the shavings the IBC leaves. Unless I set the depth of cut deeper than I really want. The IBC exhibits none of that. To sharpen I start with a new primary bevel, and then plenty of time working through rough diamond plates finishing with 1200 and 8000 grit. I get good burrs, but they roll back and forth until they snap off leaving the ragged edge. I can't blame the blades as it happens with most blades I try to sharpen. I don't know whether I'm spending not enough or too much time at the coarser grits. Or something else in my technique is wrong. In any event this blade is stout and should give good performance, at least until I have to sharpen it;)