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Rob Cosman's Plane AdjuSTAR Mini: Lie-Nielsen Version

Plane AdjuSTAR Mini: Lie Nielsen version
  • Plane AdjuSTAR Mini: Lie Nielsen version
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  • Plane AdjuSTAR Mini: Lie Nielsen version
  • Regular and Mini AdjuSTAR size comparison
  • Plane AdjuSTAR Mini: Lie Nielsen version
  • Plane AdjuSTAR Mini: Lie Nielsen version

Rob Cosman's Plane AdjuSTAR Mini: Lie-Nielsen Version

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Do you find that using your plane's adjusting knob is a bit difficult? Well we did and decided to fix that by creating our Plane AdjuSTAR Mini knob to replace the original adjusting knob on most of the smaller bench planes.

Our Plane AdjuSTAR Mini is a smaller version of our regular AdjuSTAR but it fits in tight spaces that our regular AdjuSTAR will not fit.

The AdjuSTAR Mini is still larger and much easier to use than the original adjusting knob allowing you to make adjustments to your blade depth setting easily.  Our star design makes it easier for you to reach and turn the adjuster with your fingers and easier for you to reach the frog adjustment screw with a screwdriver. We know you will love our Plane AdjuSTAR Mini.


  • Made of forged brass.
  • Lie Nielsen Version is Designed to fit the smaller Lie Nielsen bench planes, numbers 2, 3, 4, 10-1/4, and 51.  The mini will fit the larger Lie Nielsen bench planes but we recommend our regular AdjuSTAR for the larger bench planes.
  • Outside Diameter: 1-7/16 inch outside diameter.




Customer Reviews

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Cody Moser
SuperSTAR of Comfort

Reading the description, you may have convinced yourself it's an unnecessary expenditure. Know one thing, you are wrong.

Obviously, the 2, 3 and 4 planes are small for the average hand, twisting a finger to advance the blade requires can exhaust the joints and tendons of the hand. The AdjuSTAR mini solves that problem.

For the Shooting board and 10/1/4 planes, same conclusion. You have some leverage with comfort due to the larger size, but once you use the AdjuSTAR, you will want one on all of your hand planes.

Richard Sexton
Works great

Works well but I wish it had a leading bevel like the larger version. Thank you Gina and Jay for your help in getting me all sorted out.

Larry Robertson
LieNielsen Mini on the #3

Had a problem with the threads on the Mini. Seems they were not cut properly all the way through. Fine at start of threads but tightened up to the point where it became impossible to advance the blade to useable setting. The idea is fantastic for my old hands but a little more quality control would have been appreciated. (Sorry Rob)

David Dallyn
Adjustar for Lie Nielsen No. 4

Product is excellent. The adjustar fits perfectly to the LN No. 4 smoothing plane. I have the No.4 in brass body so having the adjustar in brass was also a very nice touch. Adjustar works quite well and makes blade movement much easier compared to knurnled knob from factory.

Stephen Clingerman

I really like these AdjuStars. I have this one my LN 51. I have 2 of the 1.0s. One on my LN 5-1/2 and one on my LN 4-1/2.

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