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WoodRiver No. 1

WoodRiver No. 1
  • WoodRiver No. 1
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  • WoodRiver No. 1
  • WoodRiver No. 1
  • WoodRiver No. 1
  • WoodRiver No. 1

WoodRiver No. 1

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Sorry no U.S. orders on WoodRiver planes - See Woodcraft.

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Sorry, our agreement with Woodcraft restricts us from shipping WoodRiver Planes to the U.S.

This is WoodRiver's No 1 bench plane.  It is modelled after Stanley's No 1.  Technically it's a smoothing plane but practically it's just too small to efficiently function as a smoother.  It's about the size of a small block plane but a block plane is easier to hold.  This plane has all the features of a regular bench plane except for a lateral adjustment lever (The Stanley No 1 didn't have a lateral adjustment lever either!).  You laterally adjust it with hammer taps to the side of the blade.  Sharpen it and it functions just like its full sized cousins.  What I think this plane is really good for is a nice gift or desk ornament for a woodworker.  Its just sooooo cute!

  • Fully functional miniature smoothing plane.

  • 1-1⁄2" wide x 5-3⁄4" long.

  • T-10 high carbon steel blade.

  • Ductile iron castings with fully machined frog.

  • Soles and sides are machined flat and square.

  • Lightly finished Bubinga tote and knob.

Sorry, our agreement with Woodcraft restricts us from shipping WoodRiver Planes to the U.S.

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Eric E.
Stress relief

Some people have squishy squeeze objects at their desk, others have dart boards with their bosses picture. Now I have a No.1 plane and some scrap boards at my office and when I’m feeling a little frustrated I pull out my plane and drift away in light and fluffy shaving dreams. When I’m done I wipe the shavings into the trash and get back to work. It sharpens up nicely and can be used similar to a block plane or for small pieces of wood for small boxes where a large plane is just to much. I bought it as a novelty and because it was small enough my 8 year old can start learning how to sharpen and use a plane, but after realizing how well it works I want it all to myself. If you want it as an adorable paperweight it’s probably not worth it, but since it’s functional I don’t feel as bad about spending that much on it. Thinnest shavings I’ve produced with it so far measured out at .0015” on my digital calipers cutting into pine. I havent produced anything much better than that with my #4 1/2 or my #6, so while it’s not ideal for flattening a large board, it’s perfect for a small ring box.

Canada Canada
Wood River no. 1

I love it, think it’s a great little plane, works perfect

John v.
No 1 woodriver plane

I bought this no 1 plane for my daughter, she's 4, and it fits her hands perfectly and she love being in the shop with me. The iron is surprisingly easy to sharpen, quick to get a very keen edge. The soul of the plane was flat. The overall experience from ordering, to playing around with the plane, was a pleasant one. Hope to get more tools from rob in the future, and would definitely recommend you guys to anyone wondering.