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HoneRite Gold

HoneRite Gold

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Honerite Gold is a universal grinding, honing and lapping additive that makes water non-corrosive. I always add Honrite Gold to my water when I fill up my sharpening station squirt bottle.  Honrite Gold makes the water non-corrosive and deposits protection onto the steel in the form of water soluble corrosion inhibitors.  This helps keep my Trend Diamond Stone rust free and operating like new.

  • Helps prevent corrosion on your metal tools and diamond stones.

  • Diamond stones call for oil, ceramic/Waterstones call for water; Honerite works on both.

  • Helps prevent rust from forming on your diamond bench stones.

  • Contains Water Soluble Anti Corrosion Inhibitors.

  • Safe for use on all types of water and ceramic sharpening stones.

  • One bottle of HoneRite concentrate will produce 6 quarts of sharpening fluid when mixed with water.

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