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Shapton Heavy Stone Holder

Shapton Heavy Stone Holder

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The Shapton heavy stone holder provides a stable base to hold Shapton's GlassStone Ceramic Waterstones.  It is made of rubber and glass so it can be rinsed off easily and there's nothing to rust.  This holder weighs in at a very hefty 4 pounds to ensure that your stones won’t budge when you are either flattening or sharpening. I always use this holder with my Shapton stones and I recommend that you do too.

  • Designed for use with all Shapton GlassStones.

  • 3.5" wide x 10" long.

  • Weighs 4 pounds.

  • Nothing to rust or wear out.

  • Gives you a stable base for your stones.


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Colin C
No slip-sliding anymore

I was hoping an anti-slip mat would be sufficient under my Shapton 16K ceramic stone ... and for honing it was. However, when it came time to flatten the Shapton stone with my 300 grit diamond plate, the suction created between the two pieces had them slip-sliding all over the place. So, I bit the bullet and shelled out the $$ for the heavy stone holder and ... I should have bought it when I bought the Shapton stone! Works perfectly. I just wish my diamond stones were the same size as the stone holder ...

Richard Leland
Stone holder

As advertised, very helpful


Weighing in at 4 pounds, the Shapton holder provides an extremely stable base for sharpening my woodworking tools. A key component of the system Rob demonstrates in his YouTube sharpening videos. Proud to support his small business.

Jerry Bruck
Shapton Heavy Stone Holder

great product

Mike Cuchna
Shooting Board, Planes, and Sharpening Stones


I am overjoyed that I found your YouTube channel. I am a 77-year-old want-to-be box maker who only recently took up box making (just before COVID and my heart surgery). Your videos and the tools I have recently purchased based on those videos have allowed by to improve my skills and to greatly improve the fit of the boxes I have been making for our nine grandkids. My boxes no longer need filler. They are square in all three directions. The latest ones look fantastic (to my old eyes) compared to my first few boxes of red oak for the guys. For the girls, my wife helped with the wood selection at our “local” Woodcraft shop in Sacramento (about a two-hour drive). Zebrawood, Purpleheart, Birdseye maple, maple, walnut, and Redheart were her selections. Thus far I flattened the Birdseye maple and the Redheart used for the tops and bottom of three boxes. I was amazed that I could accomplish such a feat with the wood cupped as it was.

I keep my planes sharp using Rob Cosman's Sharpening Rule with the Shapton Heavy Stone Holder holding the Shapton 16,000 Ceramic HR Glass Stone along with Rob Cosman's Diamond Stone. The Rob Cosman's Shooting Board - 18 inches has made my day many times over in just a few short weeks.

Thank you for your instruction, equipment recommendations, and ability to purchase items that have considerably improved the precision of my woodwork.


Mike Cuchna
Retired now 12 years and I love it!
Measure what is measurable, and make measurable that which is not. – Galileo

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