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Moxon Vise Self-Lubricating bushings

Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings for Moxon Vise
  • Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings for Moxon Vise
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  • Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings for Moxon Vise
  • Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings for Moxon Vise

Moxon Vise Self-Lubricating bushings

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These self-lubricating bronze bushings will take your Moxon vise to the next level!
Insert these bushings into the moveable jaw of your Moxon vise then run your 3/4 inch diameter Acme threaded rod through them.  They protect your wooden jaw and the self-lubricating feature allows the jaw to move smoother than just riding on a wooden hole. 
Install the bushings by drilling a 1-inch diameter hole in the moveable jaw of the Moxon vise for the Acme threaded Rod.  Insert the bushing into the rear of the hole. This configuration gives the moveable jaw enough room to pivot about 10 degrees while riding smoothly on the bushings.  Bushings inside diameter is just slightly larger than 3/4 inch (0.775”).
Product Details:
  • Sold in pairs (2 per order).
  • Self-lubricating, bronze tube.
  • 1-inch outside diameter x 3/8 inches long.
  • 0.775 inch inside diameter (just slightly larger than 3/4 inch). 
  • Made in the USA

    Customer Reviews

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    Moxon Upgrade's

    I added the bearings (two for each side) which still allows for the springs to completely recess when the vise is closed but adds more stability when opening and closing the vise. No jamming at all.

    Glenn Brouwer

    With bushing and spring kit I was able to upgrade my moxon vise for easier and more productive use , next time I am going to get the entire kit and use oak or maple and do it the right way from scratch rather than as an add on, but it works way better thank you

    Eric StPhillips
    upgraded my Moxon Vise

    I had already built my moxon vise using the woodriver hardware but it was easy to add these guide bushings and the action is now super smooth, great idea and improvement to a good product

    Norman Latini
    Moxon Vise

    Bushings-springs-little knobs…IMO makes this the best performing Moxon available… 2nd kit I’ve built; repurposing hardware from 1st..

    Michael Solverud
    Moxon self lubricating bushings.

    Bushings work great. Very easy to install. Great product.