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Rob Cosman's Shooting Board: 24 inches

Rob Cosman's 24 inch shooting board
  • Rob Cosman's 24 inch shooting board
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  • Rob Cosman using a shooting board to square the end of a piece of stock
  • The measurements of Rob Cosman's shooting board
  • Close up of the rabit on Rob Cosman's shooting board
  • Close up showing the rabit in relationship to th eplane on a Rob Cosman shooting board
  • Showing the plane square to the fence on a Rob Cosman shooting board
  • Showing the plane sole square to the top of the shooting board
  • Bottom view of a Rob Cosman shooting board showing how the fence is attached
  • Bottom view of a Rob Cosman shooting board showing the cleat
  • Right handed Rob Cosman shooting baord
  • Left handed Rob Cosman shooting board

Rob Cosman's Shooting Board: 24 inches

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In my shop the shooting board is standard equipment.  Once you learn to sharpen and use a hand plane, a good shooting board will do more to increase the accuracy of your work than any other tool or shop implement.  Here is why mine works so well:

  • Made with an MDF base and a Baltic Birch plywood top for stability and long wearing properties.

  • Formed over a curved mold, the board has a subtle cup on the underside, this keeps the plane standing plumb.

  • Fence and cleat made from abuse-resistant and tough tropical hardwood.

  • Fence glued and screwed to stay secure and square.

  • Rabbet cut in Baltic birch to prevent plane from cutting shooting board.

  • Fence positioned several inches from the rear to keep plane running straight.

  • Available in left and right hand models.

  • Available in two sizes, 24" x 12" and 18" by 12".

If you prefer to buy rather than build, let us send you one that is ready to use.

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Dennis P.
United States United States
24" Shooting Board

Got mine today! 5 days earlier than expected to the US! Perfectly square and beautifully made! Almost too nice to use :) But I will for sure

Arthur G.
United States United States
Shooting board review

Very well made with attention to the smallest detail.

Dennis G.
United States United States
Another top quality product from a top quality craftsman

I've bought a few items from Bob Cosman and I've been consistently impressed with the thought and the effort he's invested in creating products that represent a lifetime of learning. I've used a shooting board before -- I even made one -- but the shooting board Bob has designed is outstanding, and it is manufactured to the exacting standards you'd expect from a master woodworker and an exceptional educator. If Cosman puts his name on it, you can be assured that it's everything he says it is. It's a pleasure dealing with an honest man. Thanks, Bob. Dennis Gilbert, Dexter, Mich.

Christopher R.
United States United States
240 LH shooting board

Fantastic product!! I was going to make my own but knew without a doubt I would get a better board by ordering from Rob Cosman. Thank you very much

Jon H.
United States United States
Just spend the money…

Okay. I have watched LOT of Rob's videos. Maybe I could have built this myself. No, definitely. I could have built this myself. But, honextly, how much time would I have spent on this that could otherwise have been spent in my workshop producing things for my kids? Maybe this is just me. But I cherish the time I can spend building heirlooms that my kids will love. I have things my dad built that I cherish. It is now my turn. Perhaps the impulse is in my blood Whatever: it is now my turn. Where possible, I would encourage you to take advantage of quality products like Rob's and to focus on what you can leave to your chlldren. If that is not where you are in life… making things that will live beyond you is more rewarding than simply collectimg tools. I undersrand that (for some) Rob's tools are perhaps goals unto themselves. Believe me, I have an *extreme* appreciation for finely-made tools, and COVID has inspired some "retial therapy" on my part. I LOVE the things Rob has inspired in me and I cannot thank him enough. But the Real Deal is what you leave behind you. That could be for your children, or your friends, or other family, or the world at large. We are all here but for a little while. How would you like to be remembered? This shootng board has already escalated the precision of my work. More importantly, it has escalated the *aspiration* of my work. Just buy it. Rob Cosman's Shooting Board: 24 inches Review