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Newsletter Article: Why are Freud Blades Red?

Before you read this, let me assure you that Rob Cosman Woodworking is not associated or funded by Freud in any way, we just like their saw blades. 

Freud’s Thin Kerf and Diablo saw blades are coated with Freud’s proprietary Perma-SHIELD® (red) coating. From our research, this red coating is basically a Teflon coating very similar to what is put on cookware, except that the surface is a lot smoother. Besides its unique red color, this coating has significant benefits when using a thin kerf blade.  According to Freud’s literature and tests, Perma-SHIELD® - coating has the following benefits:

  • Thermally protects the blade, virtually eliminating heat generated from friction.
  • Lubricates the blade resisting binding in the wood and less stress on the table saw.
  • Eliminates pitch and debris buildup reducing down time for cleaning. Freud’s coating significantly reduces blade foreign matter build-up. 
  • Protect the blade from humidity and corrosion, therefore improving feed rate and extending the life of the blade.

Rob and I have been using Freud Thin Kerf blades for a while and we both highly recommend them as a great quality blade for the money.