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Newsletter Testimonial: Brad Johnson

I am not a good woodworker.  About a year ago, I discovered the joy of making a box out of wood.  By springtime, I was ordering a custom saw from Rob Cosman’s website (in hopes it would somehow make me better at my new craft). A couple days later Rob called and invited me to his class, Training the Hand.  I didn’t know what a dovetail was, but I accepted without reservation.

First let me address the woodworking class itself.  You will get better at your craft. Rob is an excellent teacher and cares deeply that you learn and advance as a woodworker.  The class is made up of long days and plenty of practice so that when you leave, you aren’t relying on memory to continue to get better… it’s just repetition of the muscle memory created during that week.  If you want to be a better woodworker, take the class.

I certainly realize that I probably could have found a woodworking class closer to my home or maybe even less expensive.  Let me tell you why I am so glad that I didn’t, and why I’ll take this class again with the exact same curriculum.

I respect veterans.  I stand up at arenas when they honor them with applause. However, in my day to day, I can’t say that I have had a lot of exposure to the details of some of the troubles our veterans experience.  Completely unexpected, the interaction with the veterans in our class was my biggest take-away. These guys were awesome and the exposure to their life and struggles is worth far more than my hand cut dovetail.  These guys are warriors that are uneasy with asking for help. Their struggles as a result of physical and mental injuries that they suffered on our behalf are way more real to me now. I treasure getting to be involved with this project and contribute to a cause that says, “We want to give you a gift as thanks.  Here are some tools and some skills that may help you in your recovery and bring you some peace.” The relationships that I gained and a much more honest appreciation for men and women that serve in our military are what I value most about the class. If you can go and you love wood working, pick this class. If you only like woodworking, but you appreciate the men and women that serve on our behalf in dangerous places at dangerous times, pick this class.  If you can’t afford to take the class or you can’t make the trip, send some money to Rob so someone else can go. This is a worthy cause and an absolute blast.