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Workshop: Dovetail Mastery Required Tools

Purchasing Tools Before the Workshop.  If you would like to purchase any  tools and have them waiting for you at the workshop, please call our customer support at (888) 920-1442 and order them over the phone.  Tell customer support the date of your workshop and that you want to pick up your tools when you arrive at the workshop

Rental Tool Kits.  We do realise the challenges posed in transporting your tools to our workshop, which is why we maintain a several complete rental tools kits for the Workshop that students can rent during their workshop for $250 (USD).  We rent these kits on a first-come, first-served basis.   To rent a tool kit, please annotate your desire on the course registration form you fill out at checkout or contact Luther at

Purchasing Tools During the Workshop.  Upon paying the workshop initial deposit, students receive a 15% off discount code for use in purchasing full priced tools on  The discount code expires when the workshop ends.

Shipping Tools to Canada.  Shipping tools across the US / Canadian border via  a delivery service (e.g. UPS or FEDEX) is a very bad idea and IS NOT recommended.  Tools shipped in this way typically get held at the border and are charged a significant broker fee that cannot be prepaid.

Required Tools for the Dovetail Mastery Workshop: 

  • Sharpening Gear. (Rob Cosman's Apprentice Sharpening Kit or better recommended)
    • Dovetail saw (Rob Cosman's Dovetail Saw recommended).

    • Fret or coping saw and spare blades, sized to fit into your dovetail saw's kerf (Cosmanized Fret saw recommended).
    • Dovetail marker 1;6 or 1:7 (Rob Cosman's Drawer Dovetail Marker recommended).
    • 2 x wheel style marking gauges (Rob Cosman's or Cosmanized Marking Gauges recommended).

    • 2 x Dividers (Starrett or PEC 4 - 6 inch dividers recommended).
    • Dovetail Marking Knife.  (Rob Cosman's Dovetail Marking knife with saw tooth blade to fit your dovetail saw recommended).

    • Rob Cosman's Kerf X-10. 

    • Bench Chisels: 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch (Rob Cosman's / IBC or WoodRiver chisels recommended).

    • Half-blind or a pair of skew chisels (Rob Cosman's 5/8 inch Half-Blind chisel recommended).
    • Mallet (Rob Cosman's Large Mallet recommended).
    • #4-1/2, #5, #5-1/2 or #6 bench plane (WoodRiver or Lie Nielsen recommended).

    • 6-inch solid or combination square (Starrett or PEC recommended).
    • 2-inch solid square (Starrett or PEC recommended). 

    • 3/4 inch Painters Tape (3M Automotive masking tape recommended)
    • Pencils. A couple of #2 pencils and one of those small hand held manual pencil sharpeners or .07mm mechanical pencils (.05mm is too thin).

    • Red Ink Pen. One or two red ball point (not felt tip) pen.  A red pen is needed to mark on walnut.  Red ink shows up on dark walnut.

    • Black Sharpie pen
    • Rags. Bring an old T-shirt you can cut up and use for rags.

    • Wax.  A small piece of paraffin wax to wax your plane (Rob Cosman's Plane Magic wax is recommended).

    • Tape measure (12-foot, imperial scale, recommended).

    Optional Tools

    • Rob Cosman's Shawn Shim Dovetail Offset Tool.
    • Rob Cosman's 17 degree chisel (1/4 or 1/2 inch).