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Workshop: Travel and Transportation

Flying from the U.S. or International locations: If flying to Rob's workshop from the U.S. or international locations we recommend flying into the Bangor Maine international airport and driving from there to Rob's Workshop.  It is a three hour drive from the Bangor Airport to Rob's workshop.

We DO NOT recommend flying into Canada from the U.S. to get to the workshop, that route takes longer and we have not had success with it.  If flying in from international locations Boston Logan or any of the New York area airports are typically the best entry point to get to Bangor.

As of June 2024 the airlines that service Bangor are American, United, and Delta.  American Airlines typically has the most availability into Bangor.

Flying from Canada.  If flying to Rob's workshop from Canada we recommend flying into Moncton New Brunswick (YQM) and driving from there to Rob's Workshop. It is about a 1-1/2 hour drive from Moncton to Rob's Workshop.

There are two slightly closer but much smaller airports to the Workshop, they are Fredericton (YFC) and Saint John (YSJ).  We DO NOT recommend these airports as they are much smaller, have limited operating hours, handle only smaller aircraft, and are very prone to flight delays and cancellations.

Ground Transportation . 

  • From Bangor.  Unfortunately there is no reliable public ground transportation from Bangor to Rob's Workshop or even the nearby city of Saint John.  Rental car is the ground transportation mode of choice.  Round trip cars are easy to rent out of the Bangor airport.  Sometimes, they will have a rental car available for a one-way rental into Canada, but this is on an irregular basis and only can be reserved at the local rental counter. 
  • From Moncton.  Rental car is available from the Moncton airport.  There are also some regularly scheduled ground shuttles from Moncton to Saint John.