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Adhesive Backed Sandpaper Roll: 320 grit

Adhesive Backed Sandpaper Roll
  • Adhesive Backed Sandpaper Roll
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  • Adhesive backed Sandpaper Roll
  • Adhesive backed Sandpaper Roll
  • Adhesive backed Sandpaper Roll

Adhesive Backed Sandpaper Roll: 320 grit

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With regular sandpaper you must rely on spray adhesives, elastics, or clumsy springs to hold your sandpaper in place.  Whenever we have to use sandpaper around the shop we always use this adhesive backed sandpaper from Porter Cable.  The adhesive backing is just right to hold the sandpaper in place but not so sticky that it's hard to remove the sandpaper when you are done.  We are constantly finding more and more uses for it and so will you.  Made from Aluminum Oxide, the abrasive particles are clog and load resistant and can be used on a variety of materials from plastic, wood, metals and even fibreglass.

At 30 feet long and 4-1/2 inches wide, you'll get plenty of life out of each roll. Just simply lay it out, press it on to whatever you're adhering to, and then cut. Once it clogs simply blow off the paper with compressed air to re-expose the grit and then get back to work.  


  • Abrasive Material: Aluminum oxide
  • Application: Sanding Plastic, Wood, Painted Surfaces, Fiberglass and Metal
  • Sanding type: Adhesive backed (pressure sensitive) abrasive roll
  • Length: 10 yards (30 feet)
  • Width: 4-1/2 inches



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