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Sjoberg Adjustable Vise

Sjoberg Adjustable Vise
  • Sjoberg Adjustable Vise
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  • Sjoberg Adjustable Vise
  • Sjoberg Adjustable Vise
  • Sjoberg Adjustable Vise
  • Sjoberg Adjustable Vise
  • Sjoberg Adjustable Vise
  • Sjoberg Adjustable Vise
  • Sjoberg vise maximum opening

Sjoberg Adjustable Vise

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The Sjöbergs Adjustable Strong Vise is my favorite production made vise and it is designed to fit most workbenches.  These are the vises that I install on all the workbenches we use in our Training the Hand Workshop. 

The main vise housing is a steel box design that allows for ease of mounting and holds the adjusting screws to keep this vise from racking. The vise itself is made from welded square steel tubing to slide through the box design and provide years of shop life.

  • Easy to mount.   Requires a minimum mounting space under the worksurface that is 13-1/2 inches long by 12 inches wide. 

  • Adjustable to ensure proper alignment. 

  • Steel construction. 

  • Square tube vise construction to help prevent racking. 

  • Includes wooden handle.

  • Made in Sweden. 

  • Mounting hardware not included. Requires 8 x 1/4 inch diameter heavy duty screws (Pan heads with washers) or bolts to attach to the underside of the workbench top.  8 - #12 x 1'1/2 inch long, flat head, coarse wood screws are recommended for attaching the wooden jaw..

    Customer Reviews

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    Grant P. Beagles
    Great experience

    Everything went smoothly. I received information at each step of the process from the order through delivery. I was extremely impressed when I received a phone call from Bob Cosman personally thanking me for my order. We will be doing business again! I’m making the fixed jaw to match.

    Bill Macbrien
    Rock Solid woodworking vise

    Rob Cosman did not steer me wrong. I'm thoroughly impressed with this beast of an end vise. It takes no effort what so ever to firmly hold anything to work on. Both thumbs up! And Gina is da bestest! Great customer service and support!

    Michael Mills
    Loving the vise!

    My overall experience was excellent -- from delivery to installation. I will n (e.ote that the fasteners that are described on the website and different from what Rob recommends in his video(e.g., lag screws vs pan heads).

    Timothy Allsopp
    Vice arrived!

    Took delivery this morning of the Sjoberg Adjustable Vice. Thank you to you all, your YouTube Chanel for learning and I can’t wait to fit it to the bench I have made (first build).

    Regards, Tim

    Roy Gilliard
    Sjoberg Bench Vise

    This tool is a Godsend. I use it everyday and not just my wood working where it excels in its holding strength and wide mouth versatility but any and all shop related vise needs. Next purchase is a tail vise for planing.
    Cheers folks,