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Canadian Pure Maple Butter

Pure Canadian Maple Butter
  • Pure Canadian Maple Butter
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Canadian Pure Maple Butter

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This maple butter is made locally, here in New Brunswick, Canada, on a small family farm that has been producing real maple syrup since 1852.  Today, the 5th generation of the family, is still operating the farm and making pure maple butter the same way their great, great grandfather did - tapping the sap from sugar maple trees and carefully boiling out the water from the sap until they get creamy pure maple butter, Canadian made.

The family has won many awards over the last few years for producing some of New Brunswick’s and the world’s best maple products. In 2000, they won the coveted “Master Sugar Maker” award for New Brunswick.  

If you have never tried pure maple butter from Canada, you in for a treat.  put it on toast, hot cereal, vegetables, or eat it right out of the tub.  Try some of our pure, maple butter and you will be hooked.  Careful, we must warn you, it's addicting.

For extended shelf life, store in either a refrigerator or freezer, especially after opening. Separation may occur during shipping, but a quick stir will solve that!

Size: 250grams



Customer Reviews

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Maple butter and syrup.

Great. Product arrived on time and I damaged.

Gregory Long
Those who don't Know

While I received a couple that had a bit of leaking around the edge, for the most part the other were in tact. I didn't mind though as I got to keep two for myself. When I gave these away for xmas to some of my friends they just smiled, that was until they tried the product. They could not believe the rich flavor. I had allowed one f my friends to sample one prior to Christmas to see his reaction and he said "Those who don't know", what real maple tastes like are really missing out. First time he had ever had real maple butter.

Tom Moore
Enjoying a Canadian product..

Very good thank you for the quick service..Brings back memories when stationed in Canada while in the U.S.Air Force assisting your country..Tom..

Scott Hobbs
Syrupy buttery goodness!!!

Great 👍 will buy again!!!

If you don't like there is something seriously wrong with you!!!

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