Rob Cosman's Marking Gauge Cutters with Rods

Rob Cosman's Marking Gauge Cutters with Rods

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We offer four different size marking gauge cutters each with different bevel angles so you can use the right cutter for the right job.  These are our cutters with rods.  Click HERE to go to the cutters without rods product page. 

  • Cutters are available in 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 7/16 inch , and 5/8 inch diameters

  • 3/8 inch cutter - 40 degree bevel (Cleaning out mortises and sockets) 

  • 1/2 inch cutter - 25 degree bevel (General purpose cutter)

  • 7/16 inch cutter - 20 degree bevel (Softwood cutter)

  • 5/8 inch cutter - 35 degree bevel (Large/panel gauge size cutter)

  • Rods are 5/16 inch diameter and 7 inches long

  • The rods fit the Rob Cosman and the "Cosmanized" marking gauges and any other marking gauge that accepts 5/16 inch diameter rods.

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