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Rob Cosman's Mini Shooting Board

Rob Cosman's 12 inch (Mini) Shooting Board
  • Rob Cosman's 12 inch (Mini) Shooting Board
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  • Using Rob Cosman's 12 inch shooting board
  • 12 inch shooting board dimensions
  • 12 inch shooting board fence square to plane
  • 12 inch shooting board plane square to board
  • 12 inch shooting board rebate
  • 12 inch shooting board cleat
  • 12inch shooting board fence attachment
  • 12 inch left handed shooting board
  • 12 inch right handed shooting board

Rob Cosman's Mini Shooting Board

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Sometimes a full size shooting board is too big for the task, but our mini shooting board is just right.  Designed to be used with a block plane, this mini shooting board is great at squaring up smaller pieces of wood.  If you make boxes this is a MUST have.

  • Dimensions: 12 inches long x 8 inches wide. Running surface is 1-1/2 inches wide.  
  • Avaliable in Left and right handed versions.
  • Made with an MDF base and a Baltic Birch plywood top for stability and long wearing properties.
  • Formed over a curved mold, the board has a subtle cup on the underside, this keeps the plane standing plumb.

  • Fence made from an abuse-resistant and tough, tropical hardwood.

  • Cleat is made from a domestic hardwood.

  • Fence and cleat are glued and screwed to stay secure and square.

  • Rabbet cut in Baltic birch to prevent plane from cutting shooting board.

  • Fence positioned several inches from the rear to keep plane running straight.

If you prefer to buy rather than build, let us send you one that is ready to use.

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