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Router Bit: Core Box, 1/2 inch

Whiteside 1/2 Core Box router bit
  • Whiteside 1/2 Core Box router bit
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  • Profile of the router cut
  • Rob Cosman's router bit kit
  • Using the router bit to cut a woodhinge groovel for his woodhinge
  • Rob Cosman using a whiteside router bit and his router table to cut a groove in a box side to accept the dowel for his woodhinge
  • Rob Cosman inspecting the groove he just cut in a piece of stock using a router bit
  • Rob Cosman fitting a dowel into the woodhinge groove he just cut

Router Bit: Core Box, 1/2 inch

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A Core Box, also called a Round Nose, profile router bit is the perfect shape for cutting the groove to accept a dowel for my Woodhinge. 

Its important to use a high quality, well made, router bit when making my wooden hinges.  The round profile must be clean and have a perfect radius to properly mate to the dowel.  After years of trial and error, I found Whiteside router bits to be the best bits for making my woodhinge, and I recommend them to you. 

This American made router bit is made from solid alloy steel which is precision ground for proper balance, even at high RPMs.  Each of the profiles is made from high-quality, thick micro-grain carbide for durability and longevity. They have high hook and relief angles for better chip ejection giving them superior edge quality.

Router Bit Geometry:

  • 1/4 inch shank
  • 1/2 inch cutting diameter
  • 5/8 cutting length
  • 2 inch overall length


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