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Tajima Utility Knife Replacement Blades

Tajima Utility Knife Replacement Blades

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Finding a good all purpose utility knife for the shop can be a challenge.  The inexpensive big box store cheap utility knives have low quality blades that quickly dull and the plastic bodies are big and break easily.  Tajima is different.

Tajima is a professional-class, high-quality tool maker from Japan that we love.  These are the replacement blades for the Tajima Utility Knife. Each blade has 6 breakaway pieces to expose a fresh point each time.

  •  Extra-strong, metal tempered, blade sleeves
  • 30 degree, acute angle, razor black blade
  • 3/8 inch (9mm) wide
  • 10 blades per pack
  • Fits the Tajima Utility Knife

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Mac Lambert
    A thin sharp sharp blade!

    This is now my go to general marking knife and leather cutting knife for box and drawer bottoms. It is incredibly sharp and very thin but strong. A perfect little tool with a long life expectancy because of the traditional blade cut-off design. Great value.

    Dennis Mosher
    Yakima utility knife

    Excellent knife, extremely sharp and easy to use. Compact and be clip to your shirt pocket or shop apron. I love it!

    Patrick Albert
    Great tools and great service !

    The title of this review says it all. What more to expect ?
    Thanks to Rob and his team.

    John Aelmore
    Tajima utility knife and blades

    Great little knife, high quality, feels solid, not cheap or flimsy like so many others. Built to last, not as a disposable.

    Alan Mckeown
    Tajima Utility Knife

    Best narrow utility knife I have used.

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