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Video: Hand Planes with Rob Cosman

Video: Hand Planes with Rob Cosman
  • Video: Hand Planes with Rob Cosman

Video: Hand Planes with Rob Cosman

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This DVD is designed to help you get your new plane from the box to the bench in minutes! This is our first in-house production.  While the video/audio quality is not as good as my other DVDs, I think you will still find great value in the content.  I cover the following topics in the DVD: 

  • Which planes (1 thru 8) do I need?

  • Do new planes need flattening and how do I tell?

  • Do I need to "tune up" a new plane?

  • How do I quickly sharpen blades?

  • Which stones are best?

  • Why adjust the throat?

  • How do I keep edges square?

  • How best to hold a plane?

  • How do I plane end grain?

  • How is a shooting board used?

  • How do I make a shooting board?

  • What about block planes?


  • Running Time: 1 hours and 30 minutes

  • Available as a single DVD or on demand streaming


    Customer Reviews

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    William Gilbertson
    Hand Planes with Rob Cosman

    Rob's videos are give me the level of detail I need as I am a hobbyist. Well worth the purchase for beginners.

    William Gilbertson

    Great video, I stream it and will refer to it many times as I am in a very steep learning curve!! Thanks for the excellent content.

    Terry Williams
    great place to shop

    Rob makes the best videos and sells the best stuff.....shipping is FAST.

    James O'Bryant

    I have been in woodworking for over 60 years and learned many things in this video and learning more.

    The video set

    I have almost finished all of the video package set. I found them very informative and a great source when I need to review the hand tool techniques before I start a new project. I believe that I now can proceed with confidence when I finish organizing my new shop. I have several shop storage ideas to practice all these new tools. I will begin with the Moxon vise first so I can hand cut dove tails to build a case for all of my hand tools.