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Wolverine Grinding Jig

Wolverine Grinding Jig
  • Wolverine Grinding Jig
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  • Wolverine Grinding Jig
  • Wolverine Grinding Jig
  • Wolverine Grinding Jig
  • Wolverine Grinding Jig
  • Wolverine Grinding Jig

Wolverine Grinding Jig

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When using a grinder to put the primary bevel on your blades, as I do, you need a jig that allows you to set the grind angle.  Teaching a seminar at a school one day I found these Wolverine jigs and they beat the pants off of all other grinder jigs for sharpening blades.

  • Use to upgrade an inexpensive grinder for grinding a primary bevel on chisels and plane blades. 

  • A simple, Heavy duty, well made jig.

  • Features Wolverine’s system of adjustment that is quick and solid.

  • Thick metal platform acts like a heat sink helping you keep your blade from over-heating.

  • Increases the versatility of your grinder, this is one of the best grinding accessories you can own.  

  • Can be used with 6", 8" or 10" grinders.

Customer Reviews

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John Adams
I'm sure I'll like it...

I'm sure I'll like it, when I open it and get it installed. I'll need to lift my grinder up about 1.25" to accommodate its height.

Daniel Whittaker
Wolverine Grinding Jig

Just finished grinding a primary bevel on my 17° chisel and was thoroughly impressed with the ease of setting and locking in the desired angle on the jig. Now I’m looking for reasons to use my grinder and jig. 😊

Bruce Erath
Wolverine grinding jig

Glad I bought this...needed to go on line to learn how to set it up properly, and it did take a while, but now I can grind perfect angles..

The tool rest is more important and valuable than the grinder.

Susan Thomson
Great grinding wheel addition

This is a very flexible addition to my grinding wheel. It makes aligning what I am grinding to the wheel much easier than the old smaller supports which came with my grinder.

Richard Griffiths
A Tale of Two Cities

The product is excellent. Its strength and stability make my usual blade-sharpening chores much more pleasant.

As delivered, it came with no "instructions" or advice to the user of any kind. Even a simple one-page set-up guide about the required clearances would have been nice.

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