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WoodRiver Replacement Plane Blade Set (2 inch) with Prep Service

WoodRiver Replacement Plane Blade Set (2 inch) with Prep Service

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Our WoodRiver 2-inch replacement plane blade set with our custom blade preparation service provides you with a razor sharp 2-inch WoodRiver plane blade set so you can go right to work. 

We prepare the blade set so it is ready-to-use out of the box; you only need to install it in your plane and you are ready to go.  You just have do do normal maintenance sharpening once the blade begins to dull. 

Please see our WoodRIver Replacement Blade Set: 2 inches product page for all the details on the blade set.

Prep Service Includes:

  • The chipbreaker's edge is lapped flat to mate perfectly to the blade.

  • The blade is sharpened with a secondary and a tertiary bevel.  The tertiary bevel's cutting edge is polished up through 16,000 grit on a Shapton glass stone.

  • A back bevel is applied to the blade's back and then is polished with a 16,000 grit Shapton glass stone.

    Customer Reviews

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    George Brisbin
    Great blade tha is really sharp

    I bought the prep service along with the WoodRiver iron just to make sure that at least it was sharp and ground right. That is exactly what I got. The WoodRiver iron is much thicker than the old Craftsman (Stanly built) plane, so some file work had to be done before the blade went into use. Thanks much to the Cosman Team for a great job and service.

    Brian Moran
    Rating doesn’t go high enough...

    I got the blade, and it’s awful... sharp! 😊Fortunately it has a sheath on it so I didn’t cut myself opening. I’ve only used it briefly to try it out and it was like using a scalpel. It’s GREATLY improved the no. 5 I have. I’d like to give it 10 stars but you’ll only let me give it 5! If I add more planes to my collection, I will definitely consider buying more blades, keeping the other blades as spares. Awesome experience. Thanks.

    Excellent purchase

    When I received my prepped blade I was able to install it in my WoodRiver #4 V3 immediately and start working with it. IT also shows me what I need tolearn to sharpen the stock blade that came with the plane. An excellent item.

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