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WoodRiver Replacement Plane Blade Set (2-3/8 inch)

WoodRiver Replacement Plane Blade Set (2-3/8 inch)

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WoodRiver V3 replacement blade sets are designed for WoodRiver hand-planes, but they will also fit old Stanley and Record planes. 

I always like to have a couple of extra plane blade sets sharpened  and ready to go.  If you watch my videos, take a careful look at the tool tray of my workbench and you will see about four or five already sharpened  blade sets in my tool tray.  This way when I need a sharp blade I just reach for a sharpened blade set and change it out with the dull one.  Later, I will sharpen the dull blade and put it in my sharpened tray ready at a moments notice.

WoodRiver hand-plane blade sets are a great high quality blade set at a value price.  I use and recommend them.  At .125 inches thick, these WoodRiver hand-plane blade sets reduce vibration and chatter, leading to improved performance. 


  • Set includes the blade and a matched chip-breaker.
  •  2-3/8 inch wide x 7-1/8" x .125" thick blade. 

  • High carbon steel blades.

  • 25 degree primary bevel.

  • Fits WoodRiver V3 and older Stanley and Record Bench Planes No. 4-1/2, 5-1/2, 6, and 7.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kim Poehnell
Replacement Plane Blade Set

Have not used as of yet, as the original is still in excellent condition and working perfectly.

Jeffrey Groman
Just like the originals

These work great in my Wood River 5 1/2!

Dan Orth
Great deal

If you can find better replacement blades for your planes, buy them. Not only are these great blades and chip breakers, you can have them come pre prepared and sharpened! I replace all the blades/chip breakers on my older planes, as these are much stiffer and thicker metal than the originals.

Anthony Eastham
WoodRiver Replacement Plane Blade Set (2-3/8 inch)

Very good results. I installed this iron in a very old Stanley #6 Bailey corrugated sole plane that I bought from a Craigslist seller. I believe he may have assembled it out of parts. The plane still has some issues but works a lot better than it did with the old Stanley Sweetheart iron. I'm waiting on a backordered Wood River #5-1/2 so this is a makeshift.

I followed Rob's method of preparing the iron and chipbreaker for use, and it did have a slight twist judging by the flat produced by using the Charlesworth ruler method, but it didn't take too long to get it to a usable state. I don't think I will ever get 0.0005" shavings, but maybe my sharpening technique will be better by the time I get the new plane.

Tristan Butler
Great blade!

Really holds an edge well with very little chatter. I use it as low angle replacement setup.

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