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Phillip's First Time Dovetails

Phillip's First Time Dovetails

Here is a nice story and some pictures of very nice first time dovetails that Phillip from Birmingham Alabama emailed me.   Here is what he said:  "When I tried you hand-cut dovetail method for the first time the pins and tails wouldn’t fit together!  It seemed like the middle pin was too big. So I figured I was doing the offset incorrectly and tried cutting the pins marking the opposite way - nope; huge gaps. So went back to the original offset method I tried and the middle pin still seemed big. Then I remembered that you always cut chamfers on the tails. Tried that and realized the middle pin wasn’t too big - it was just so perfect that it needed the chamfers to get started. The pictures are my third attempt pretty much right from the saw. Your dovetail offset cutting method is amazing!  Oh and please disregard the horrible tear out and oddly sized tails as I just randomly cut two tails instead of laying them out properly - I’ve recently moved and don’t have anything setup yet so just went with a piece of cherry I had lying about.  I love your tools I purchased - they are phenomenal. Thanks to them and your method I just cut dovetails without gaps by hand."      Really nice job Phillip keep up the good work. You are on your way.

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