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Todd's MDF Benchtop

Todd's MDF Benchtop

Todd's MDF Benchtop
Here is a great note from Todd, a Canadian, who adopted my MDF bench-top to his existing workbench.  " I adapted your workbench top to my existing bench. I used 3 sheets of 1" MDF. The top measures 32.5" x 82".  It was a little heavy to flip around. I attached a few pictures.  Great job Todd.


  • This is a wonderful version of Rob’s great original!
    My bench has 18mm MDF on top of 18m hard ply. I was going to tung oil the mdf as per Rob’s original video, but a few people have said it will make the bench top warp.
    How did you do yours?

    Chris Michael
  • Nice workbench design. Can you provide a few more details regarding the legs and support frame? Dimensions, joints you used (I see pocket screws on one piece. Are those screws or pins for the cross braces on legs?

    Dan Cusator
  • Well done Todd. Nice shop too.
    Howard Bigham Woodstock ON

    Howard Bigham

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