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PEC Solid Square: 2 inch

PEC Solid Square: 2 inch
  • PEC Solid Square: 2 inch
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  • PEC Solid Square: 2 inch
  • PEC Solid Square: 2 inch

PEC Solid Square: 2 inch

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I "discovered" PEC tools of California and was so impressed I bought some of their stuff to put it to the test of daily use.  I am still impressed and I now recommend PEC's premium line of solid squares.

PEC's  Solid squares are just that - solid metal, no moving parts, and VERY accurate.  I have and use several different sizes of solid squares in order to match the square to the job at hand; the price of these squares permits this luxury! 

  • 2 inch long blade.

  • Made from high quality harden tool steel.

  • Has true right angles; both inside and out.

  • Beams and blades are precision ground and hardened.

  • Length of blade is measured from inner edge of beam to the end of the blade.

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

Perfect size.

Richard kent
Incredibly useful tool

Sometimes the best things come in small packages. This is a wonderful little tool. Dead on square matched against my Starrett combo square. I expect this is a tool i will use every day in the shop. Every woodworker should consider this a must buy tool

Paul O’Connell
High quality

Great quality and very convenient.

Michael Delvoye
2” solid square


Ted Robbins
Sweet 2-inch PEC mini square

Love my new 2” PEC Solid Square. Works great to check square on the narrow edges of boards. Dropped it though, but it is still nice and square.