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PEC Ruler: 12 inch

PEC 12 inch rule
  • PEC 12 inch rule
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  • PEC 12 inch rule
  • PEC 12 inch rule
  • PEC 12 inch rule

PEC Ruler: 12 inch

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I "discovered" PEC tools of California and was so impressed I bought some of their stuff to put it to the test of daily use.  I am still impressed and I now recommend PEC's tools. 

I really love these PEC rulers. They are fully hardened steel rulers but what is really great about them is that the graduations are so easy to see.  You can actually see the 1/64th marks - amazing!  These rules are available in three sizes: 6 inch, 12 inch & 18 inch.  I personally use and recommend all three.

  • 12 inch long, 4R scale, steel rule.

  • Made from high quality steel.

  • All rules are fully hardened and tempered

  • Precisely etched, then black filled for readability

  • 4R Graduation scale - 1/8ths, 1/16ths, 1/32nd, & 1/64ths

  • Satin chrome finish

  • Made in the USA