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In this video series Rob designs and builds a custom wall cabinet for his workshop using the techniques he learned from Dale Nish. The cabinet has four frame and panel doors and Rob teaches door making by using a different frame joinery method to build each door (stub tenon, through-wedged tenon, single bridle joint, and a double bridle joint). The cabinet carcass is built from Baltic Birch plywood and has a maple face frame. The frame and panel doors are inset in the face frame with hidden hinges. While these cabinets are used for Rob’s workshop, they are perfect for a kitchen or any other household use. You can easily adjust the dimensions to fit your application.

  • Difficulty Level: Difficult
  • Number of Episodes: 76
  • Skills taught: How to use a story-stick; carcass construction; face frame construction; frame and panel door construction using stub tenon, through wedge tenon, single bridle joint, and a double bridle joint.

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