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In this video series Rob builds a traditional French-Canadian traveler’s chest. These chests were the “suitcases” of the day that Voyageurs (French Canadian fur traders in the early 1700s) carried their belonging in while traveling in canoes. Uniquely shaped (imagine a large wooden tube with a flat bottom), they were designed to fit easily under the Voyageurs arms when walking and their flat bottom prevented them from rolling around when in the canoe. Rob’s version, copied from an original, is made from Northern White Pine and measures approximately 23” L x 8” W x 10”H. The sides and lid are rounded by hollowing out 3” (12/4) stock. The curved sides are joined to the ends with through dovetails that are cut on a radius and then doweled through the pins. The hinges have a “time-period” look and are nailed in traditional fashion.

  • Difficulty Level: Very Difficult
  • Number of Episodes: 68
  • Skills taught: Radiused dovetails; shaping thick lumber; using old-fashioned hinges

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