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In this video series Rob designs and builds a space saving, rolling, tool cabinet. This is a perfect tool cabinet for a garage or anywhere you have limited space. The cabinet has three major parts: the wheelbase, the base cabinet, and the top cabinet. The wheelbase and the top cabinet nest inside the base cabinet making the whole system ready for shipment. The base cabinet is made of Baltic Birch plywood with pinned through dovetail joinery to hold up to abuse during shipments. The top cabinet stores all the tools and is made of Northern White Pine with through dovetail joinery. When set up for use, the top cabinet stacks and locks on top of the base cabinet and the base cabinet attaches to the mobile base. The top case has three sections: The center tool storage, two detachable wing doors on either side, and a center drawer section. All tools are held in such a way that they won’t move during transit. The bottom case holds a variety of bench appliances and has two removable doors. One door does double duty as a White Board and the other door serves as part of a knock-down saw bench.

  • Difficulty Level: Very Difficult
  • Number of Episodes: 175
  • Skills taught: Dovetailed drawers; Dovetailing plywood; Custom-fit tool mounts and holders; Building saw holsters

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