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In this video series Rob designs and builds a large Shaker-style dining room table for use as his families table. The table is 29 inches high, a little shorter than the typical table height to accommodate Rob’s 10 kids. The tabletop is 9 feet long by 3 feet wide. The top is made from 1-inch thick, wide, white pine slabs and the base is made with birch legs and maple aprons. The legs have inside tapers and join to the apron with pinned mortise and tenon joints. Rob uses breadboard ends on the tabletop that allows for wood expansion while preventing the top from wrapping out of flat and attaches the top to the apron using his unique horizontal dowel method. After glue-up Rob flattens to top by hand since it to big for any machine. Finally, the table is finished with several coats of lacquer that is sanded and scraped smooth.

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Number of Episodes: 71
  • Skills taught: Gluing-up large panels, hand flattening large panels, pinned mortise and tenon joints, using breadboard ends, Rob’s unique dowel attachment method for a tabletop.

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