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Rob Cosman's Plane Magic Wax

Rob Cosman's Plane magic wax tube
  • Rob Cosman's Plane magic wax tube
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  • Rob Cosman's plane magic wax tube with the cap off
  • Rob demonstrating applying wax to the bottom of a plane

Rob Cosman's Plane Magic Wax

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Wax makes your bench plane glide like magic across wood.  All wax IS NOT the same.  Some wax will even build up a sticky film on your plane.  Not our Plane Magic wax. Specially formulated to our specifications, Plane Magic reduces friction making planing much easier.

We have packaged it in an easy to use and store tube, like a glue stick.  Get one for your workbench and one for your apron pocket.


Customer Reviews

Based on 177 reviews
Convenient to use

I hated the block of parafin wax. This convenient and tidy.

Jesse Nunes
Just plane easy !

This stuff works so good I use it on everything!

Robert de Rooij

Works well

Daniel Sattler
What a difference!

I didn’t use anything on my hand planes until I saw Rob apply it on a couple of his videos. Wonderful stuff! Wouldn’t do without it now. Thanks Rob

Kit Redmond
Exactly what I needed.

I’ve learned well waxed plane is key to planning smoothly. Along with a sharp blade.

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